About Me

Hi! I'm Shakera and I'm the owner of Angel Glow Body Butter. I was born and raised in Detroit and Lansing, Michigan but now I live in Dallas, TX.

For over 5 years now, I have been more conscious of what I've been putting into my body while following a pescatarian diet. As a result, I started to apply that same care for what I put on my hair and body. I started a journey to find a more natural product to moisturize my skin. I have tried using many different lotions and oils, but none of them produced the results that I was looking for. I was seeking a natural product that was long lasting, not greasy and still gave my skin a glow.

After plenty of trial & error and research, I stumbled across a thing called body butter. After more research, I was ready to create my own homemade Whipped Body Butter recipe using all natural products. As the perfectionist that I am, I worked on the formula until I came up with a product that I have grown to love as well as others. I'm confident that once you try it, you'll grow to love it. Enjoy!